Why does the motorcycle engine sound so loud? Common motorcycle engine failures

An engine doesn't shut off when it's hot.
Although the ignition is turned off, the motorcycle engine cannot be quickly turned off or turned off (this often happens in two-stroke vehicles), and the crankshaft can be kept running for a short time.
Keep uneven running at low speed, this kind of situation occurs, most is the long-term engine operating temperature is too high, or it is due to long-term lack of maintenance, makes the carbon deposit in the cylinder is too much.
Under these circumstances, the following emergency measures must be taken to stop the engine quickly:
1. After stopping the brake, block the air outlet with the sole so that the exhaust gas cannot be discharged and the cylinder fills up, and power off.
2. Push the throttle all the way open to allow excess mixture to enter the cylinder and shut off the engine.
3. Grasp the clutch handle, put it into first gear, put the left foot on the ground, press the brake pedal after the right foot is dead, then slowly release the clutch handle, use the braking force to turn off the engine.
This method is easy to damage machine parts, and it is used less as far as possible.
Motor de motocicleta

The second motorcycle does not start
1. Check if the power switch is turned on.
Sometimes, due to haste or negligence, even if the switch key is plugged in, the car does not catch fire because it does not start or twists its head. At this point, just press one
By honking the horn you can see if the ignition is on.
2. Check the oil circuit
Firstly, remove the oil tube from the tank and connect it to the mineral water bottle. If there is a continuous flow of oil, the tank does not block. If it gets blocked, remove the entire tank.
Pour out the oil, rinse with a high pressure water gun and blow for a few more days.
Pour out the oil, rinse with a high pressure water gun and blow for a few more days.
3. Check the spark plug
Remove the high tension cable and unscrew the spark plug to see if the spark plug electrodes are dirty. If it is dirty, clean it and then insert the high tension wire into the spark plug to make the spark.
The hexagonal part of the socket contacts the motor housing, Operate the starting lever and watch for sparks. If the spark is bright blue, it is normal; If the sparks are dark red and not concentrated,
Normal. At this time, in addition to further removal of oil, carbon deposits, but also check whether the electrode gap is too large or too small. In general, 0.5 ~ 0.6 mm, approximately equal to the saw blade can be put into the cylinder mouth, that is, the place containing the spark plug, with the best hand is the thumb to lock strictly, start , if you feel that there is air flow out, at the same time, there is air suction
Thumb, then the cylinder is normal.

In addition to all this is abnormal, there is no air to go out, or there is no air in, the cylinder pressure is not normal, the motorcycle cannot be started. This is needed right now to
Look for the following reasons:
If the fixing screw of the cylinder head It is loose;
If the Cylinder Gasket or Throttle Gasket cylinder head is broken or leaking;
If the cylinder has been seriously pulled, if the piston ring is broken or stuck in the groove;
If the spark plug has copper washers, if the spark plug is tight.

Three old motorcycles turned off
1, the general condition is that the oil path has the blockage or deposit, the cleanliness is good.
2. At some point in the ignition circuit, it may be a kill switch or a cigarette lighter, etc., the components are damaged or damaged by current, and they become hot after a period of work, which leads to a short circuit and makes the fire burn.
The sockets are poorly lit.
3. The reason why the carburetor mixture gas is thinner is that the mixture gas is slightly thickened and the screw is adjusted outwards.
4, go to repair the motorcycle to find a professional master to see the cause of the shutdown.

Four noisy motorcycle engines
1, flashing CAM too large, go to the motorcycle repair shop to adjust.
2, high temperature in summer, still using winter oil, select 20w - 50, high consistency, small wear, low noise suitable for summer
3. The connection thread between the exhaust pipe and the engine is loosened and tightened.
4. The gap between the cylinder and the piston is too large, the cylinder and piston need to be replaced, some parts are caused by the piston ring wear, the piston ring may be.

Five engine overheating motorcycles
1. No matter the current vehicle is water-cooled or oil-cooled, or air-cooled, if the quality of the lubricating oil is not up to standards, or the lubricating oil is too small, it will affect the heat dissipation the motor
2, for the water-cooled motor, the coolant is too small, it will weaken the performance of the cooling system, and then affect the heat dissipation effect of the motor.
3. In the process of using the motorcycle, the motor will inevitably come into contact with dust and mud, if not cleaned in time, it will affect the heat dissipation effect of the fins, so that
Therefore, the heat dissipation performance of the motor will also decrease.
4. During the use of the motorcycle, if the clutch slips, the engine speed will remain in a higher range, so the engine temperature will appear
A phenomenon of excess degree.
5, inside the motorcycle will have an oil pump, the main function of the oil pump is to transport the lubricating oil to, each part that needs lubrication, if damaged, because
For poor lubrication, the engine temperature will be too high.
6. For the water-cooled motorcycle, the effect of the cooling system directly determines the heat dissipation performance of the engine, whether the water pump, radiator, fan and a series of supporting parts come out
The current fault will cause the motor to overheat.
7, if the motorcycle is used for a long period of time, large throttle, high speed, low gear or extreme speed state, it will inevitably cause engine overheating phenomenon.

Luz de fallo del motor de seis motorcycles encendida
1. The vehicle fault light is generally caused by the fuel emission system, when the fault light is on, the vehicle starts, stops, starts, stops after three times
Start the vehicle to see if the fault light is on or not. Whether the fault light is on or not, you need to go to the store in time to check the fault code to see if the motor is faulty or the sensor is faulty.
It may be an accidental fault that cannot be checked in the store in time.
2. When the parameters of the oxygen sensor are received by the computer, and the exhaust gas emission seriously exceeds the national standard, the internal program of the computer cannot be corrected within the scope of the standard.
The machine control computer emits a warning light through the instruments (yellow pollution light is on) to alert car owners to check engine pollution at the service station.
3. Poor combustion condition: Poor combustion condition of the engine is the main cause of the check engine light.