What process is needed to import motomel skua 150 spare parts from China?

What process is needed to import spare partssmotomel skua 150 from China?

Skua 150 is widely recognized as the most efficient ideal motorcycle on the market, literally "legendary models". With a unique and elegant sporty design, new optical design, new dashboard, rear view mirror and fenders. While maintaining the reliability and quality of its engines and components. Skua 150 is a very balanced motorcycle, suitable for use in the city. Its single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 2-valve engine, 149.4cc displacement, OHV, 11.2HP power, feed carburetor, electric STARTER and pedal, 5-gear gearbox, with front brake disc, rear drum and rear suspension. Tank capacity 11.5 liters, weight 122 kg.
Between the motomel skua 150 spare parts they meet the askua 150 shock absorber high quality, the skua 150 statorWith high conductivity copper material, the robust skua 150 carburetor, the reliable skua 150 voltage regulatorY cdi skua 150, and the skua 150 clutch discwith high coefficient of friction, pskua chips 150with great braking performance.

What process is needed to import spare partss motomel skua 150 de China
These high-quality accessories are also preferred by motorcycle enthusiasts.
What process is needed to import spare partss motomel skua 150 de China

What process is needed to import spare partssmotomel skua 150 from China?
  1. Basic documents for international trade: packaging information provided by motorcycle parts factory, preparation of export contracts, commercial export invoices, packing lists and other documents (must be prepared by the trading company and delivered to the documentary).
2. Rental and reservation:
(1) If the contract signed with the client is a FOBCHINA clause, normally the client will designate a transport agency or shipping company.
(2) If the cargo is not enough for a small container, when bulk cargo needs to be shipped, the bulk cargo position should be booked with the freight forwarding company.
(3) When reserving the warehouse with the shipping company, please indicate the expected shipping date, type and quantity of containers, destination port, etc. to avoid mistakes.
3. Arrange the pull cabinets (usually reserved by the seller according to the SHIPPING ORDER)
4. Customs declaration entrusted: At the same time, the necessary customs declaration materials will be delivered to the cooperative customs agent, and the export customs declaration will be entrusted and the customs clearance of product inspection will be exchanged.
5. Obtain the shipping documents:
(1) Within two days after the ship's departure, please fax the supplemental contents of the bill of lading to the shipping company or carrier.
(2) Please urge the shipping company to issue the bill of lading template and freight bill as soon as possible.
6. Prepare other documents:
(1). Commercial invoice: Commercial invoices are very strict and must have the contract number, the commercial and fiscal identification of the client, the commercial and fiscal identification of the seller, the period of the signed contract, the terms of payment, the methods of payment and the delivery conditions.
(two). FORMA Certificate of Origin: The FORMA Certificate of Origin must be requested by the Inspection and Quarantine Office before delivery.
(3) General Certificate of Origin: The General Certificate of Origin can be processed in the Chinese Council for the Promotion of International Trade, with minor requirements. Some countries do not require a certificate of origin for imports.​​
(4) Shipment notice: Generally, it is required to notify the customer of the shipment details within a few days after the departure of the ship, including the name of the ship, the number of flights, the date of departure, the expected date of arrival , the merchandise and quantity, the amount and packaging, number of pieces, shipping marks, destination port agent, etc.
(5) Packing list: The packing list must clearly indicate the packing situation of the goods.
7. Delivery:
(1). If T/T is adopted to collect foreign exchange, please fax the bill of lading to the customer immediately after obtaining the bill of lading, and then send the original bill of lading and other documents to the customer after confirming that the balance has been received.
(two). If T/T collect foreign exchange, you need to receive full payment before you can use it as a cabinet, and you need to wait for the payment before arranging towing the cabinet. After receiving the bill of lading, the original bill of lading can be sent to the customer immediately.
8. Business registration: Each export business must be registered in time after completion, including computer registration and written registration, which is convenient for future reference and statistics.
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