EWC driver nigon said he was not gaining an advantage at Suzuka

Erwan Nigon insists that when the Bol d'or celebrates its 100th anniversary this weekend, he will be no better than his teammate.
Viltaïs Racing igol teammates have an advantage.
Nigon tested for the FIM EWC championship at Circuit Paul Ricard on a Yamaha yzf - R1, when
The content of the posted conversation.
The French rider won the 2018 - 19 FIM EWC World Championship as part of the Kawasaki France src team
Endurance Championship, who joined Eva rt 01 webi in the 43rd Coke Suzuka 8 Hour Endurance Contest last month
The team that trickstar Kawasaki, an event in which he personally participated, is the Viltaïs Racing igol team.
Teammates Florian Alt and Steven Odendaal and fourth driver James Westmoreland did not participate.
This game.
"Last month's game in Suzuka helped improve my pace, but for me He said that with others who did not participate
This is not an advantage over race drivers. Nikon said. "Because a completely different racing car,
The tires they are very different and the teams are very different. Of course, the track is very different.
For the upcoming EWC bol d'or season decider, nigon said, "Bol d'or is a game dedicated to the people."
And the game, it's very special, the weather is very special, because it can be very hot, and Paul Ricard is a no
Often a good track. We are also motivated by this game because it is the last of the season and we look forward to
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The cinco primeros. Por supuesto, esto requiere una mayor velocidad y fiabilidad y un enfoque constante en la carrera que nuestro equipo puede hacer
Spot. "
Nigon (photo left) recently took a photo with Westmoreland and odendaal at the Paul Ricard B circuit
Ol d'or pre - Match test.

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