Danger of riding a motorcycle at night

  • Drunk Driving – Statistically speaking, night driving carries an additional risk of drunk driving, in addition to an obvious challenge of limited visibility. I hope it's not you, but the other drivers might have had a drink or two before driving. In 2020, 48% of all cycling-related fatal accidents involving blood alcohol levels equal to or greater than 0.08% occurred between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  • Hidden Obstacles – In addition to other vehicles on the road, roads become more dangerous as road obstacles and debris, potholes of any size, loose gravel, sewers and many other things become less visible when you arrive Darkness. They have also become more challenging. Although it can be easy to see something on the road, moving into your lane of traffic allows you to bump into what you can't see hiding in the dark.
  • Animals: As the saying goes, "deer under headlights" accurately represents animals that freeze under pressure while looking at your headlights. Many prey and scavengers prowl at night to avoid the risk of diurnal predators, which are essentially nocturnal. Thank goodness most animals' eyes glow and if you find them at night, they tell you they exist.
  • Limited Visibility: According to the IIHS database, night driving (9 pm to 6 am) accounted for 31% of fatalities. motorcycles in 2020. If you compare weekend hours to weekday hours, you will find that the fatality ratio between weekend hours and weekday hours is almost 2:1. Although the statistics do not take into account account seasonality, weather can lead to terrible driving conditions; It's hard to swallow the thought that we lost nearly 700 horsemen before bed. However, when viewed from a broader perspective, poor visibility can be the cause of these accidents; Seeing and being seen is a matter of life and death.
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Make yourself visible.
If poor visibility is the leading cause of nighttime crashes and fatalities, there are several ways to reverse the situation and make night driving safer. motorcycles be safer.
High visibility clothing/equipment
Since other drivers can fully see your body, wear clothing that is visible in dim light at night. Research shows that the collision probability of motorcycles is reduced by 37% when motorcyclists wear high visibility or fluorescent clothing. Wearing fluorescent colors like neon yellow, green, orange, or white is easier to see than wearing full black clothing. Most importantly, make sure your motorcycle is equipped with reflectors that shine when your headlights are on, as this will be the main distinguishing feature of your ride.
If you don't want to invest in Hi-Viz gear because you don't think you'll need it and/or use it often, you can purchase the neon Industrial Safety Vest that construction workers often wear. Choose a neon yellow or orange vest and make sure it has a reflective panel!
Reflective tape and decals
To increase visibility, use reflective tape to style the motorcycle and/or equipment to attract the attention of other drivers. You can buy a roll of duct tape in almost any color to expand your kit.
Be creative when applying tape as you can add tape to the edges of bikes, forks, panniers and seat bags, or to the edges of wheels for those who want to use more tape. Reflective decals are also applied to people who want to add other designs to their bikes, armor, or helmets.

lighting options
Hay muchas opciones cuando se trata de luces en motorcycles; Aquí hay algunas maneras de ver y ser visto mejor ajustando las opciones de iluminación:
Luces LED: las bombillas incandescentes estándar son brillantes, pero cambiarlas a bombillas LED puede ampliar el campo de visión de otros conductores para que pueda ver más y mejor por la noche. Las bombillas LED pueden producir más luz con menos potencia y no tienen calor adicional para las bombillas incandescentes de mayor potencia. Tenga cuidado, el flash de su motorcycle puede compensar la disminución de la resistencia al aumentar o reemplazar las bombillas LED. Es posible que necesite reemplazar el flash de su motorcycle por un flash electrónico en lugar de un flash de resistencia para compensar los cambios en la bombilla
Brake Light Flash: You can change the brake light with a flash that flashes the bulb multiple times while braking. Instead of having a steady light, it draws the attention of rear drivers through multiple flashes of light and keeps the lighting steady.
Headlight Modulator: The headlight modulator kit can increase the driver's attention forward through the low beam headlight pulse. Many new cars are equipped with daytime running lights and their headlights can go off at any time of day. Pulsed light breaks up the ocean of light, giving you the extra attention you need to stay safe. Although some drivers may think it's a distraction, it shows that you're doing your job - You've been seen!
Luces de carretera: como tema controvertido, las luces de carretera nocturnas pueden ser beneficiosas para los motorcyclists. Una de las principales causas del accidente fue que otros conductores giraron a la izquierda delante de la motorcycle, por lo que las luces de carretera brillantes pueden alertar a los conductores de que cortaron la motorcycle.
Luces auxiliares: además de reemplazar las bombillas OEM con piezas de repuesto LED, hay un gran número de opciones de iluminación personalizadas para aumentar la visibilidad de la motorcycle. El tipo de rayo que desea depende del propósito al que esté tratando de servir. Por ejemplo, puede a ñadir luces para ayudarle a ver más allá en la carretera, mejorando así la seguridad de la conducción nocturna, mejorando su capacidad visual en caso de niebla, o iluminando áreas visuales periféricas. Puede a ñadir una sola bombilla a varias tiras de varios colores; ¡Algunas Suites incluso soportan smartphones que pueden cambiar de color a sus órdenes!
In addition to replacing LED bulbs and adding reflectors and designs, your unlimited imagination can help increase visibility. Stand back and look at your bike. What attracts you more? If you catch your eye, you'll catch other drivers too!

Night vision
Where to find
Headlights can be dazzling, since your car is a bit taller than most cars, so they can be especially dazzling for you. One option is to look at the rightmost edge line of the road from your side; This helps to let the light shine into your eyes and allows you to maintain the correct direction and lane. Don't look down, because it affects your ability to walk straight through the doorway.
riding in the light
Las luces de nuestra moto se extienden sólo por delante de su bicicleta durante las horas oscuras del día, lo que significa que su visión es limitada. Su motorcycle tiene una increíble capacidad de frenado y una corta distancia, pero usted necesita más distancia de frenado para evitar cualquier obstáculo que pueda aparecer por delante. Por la noche, baja la velocidad porque no puedes ver la Milla por delante. Si te encuentras montando tu lámpara, es hora de ir más despacio.
Use other lighthouses as your own extension. If you are behind a car in front of you, be aware that your headlights show debris, potholes, etc. on the road. Also, keep in mind that the car may cross debris on the road that it cannot cross, which may be detrimental to your safety. If you see something, be prepared to avoid it or change lanes to avoid it completely.
Clean your mask.
One thing to keep in mind is that the visors must be kept clean. Use a simple cotton or microfiber cloth cleaning solution to prevent minor scratches on the visor, which over time will darken the visor and distort the view through the visor. The towels must not scratch the mask.
Riding with goggles or colored glasses
Driving a dark visor at night is not recommended, but a few changes can help at night. You can wear a yellow visor/glasses when the light is darker (for example, after dark). For those who don't want to worry about wearing extra visors from day to night, photochromic visors can adjust light levels throughout the day. You can also take an extra pair of clear glasses that you can wear at night and open the sun visor. There is no single option for all drivers, so experiment with the options to determine what is best for you.
Make people hear you.
"Loud pipes to save lives" is an expression that you have probably heard at least once. Your exhaust can definitely announce to other drivers that you are near them, whether you are coming or going. Although they can hear you nearby, there is no guarantee that they will see you, so stay alert and be careful.
Get ready.
mist treatment
Fog is more common at night and when temperatures are lower at night. Fog condensation can add a layer of moisture to your windshield, sun visor and rear view mirror, obstructing your view and impacting your driving. Atomization can be prevented or reduced by adding a layer of anti-fog solution to each surface.
Traveling in cold temperatures can slow down your body's reaction time.
Temperature change
Si usted vive en una zona donde las temperaturas fluctúan mucho, usted puede darse cuenta de que la preparación es crucial. Es fácil apagar el aire acondicionado y encender el calentador cuando no tienes este lujo en tu motorcycle. Es posible que desee considerar llevar una chaqueta o traje con un revestimiento aislante extraíble para adaptarse a un clima cálido, que se puede convertir rápidamente en un equipo de Ciclismo en frío cuando el clima es húmedo. Si los guantes durante el día no son lo suficientemente calientes, considere usar un par extra de guantes durante la noche. ¡Recuerde, montar en bicicleta durante el frío puede afectar su capacidad para concentrarse en la carretera y reducir el tiempo de reacción de su cuerpo, así que prepárese!
loss of traction
Colder roads provide less traction for tires. Cold, wet roads not only cause problems, but cold, dry roads also cause concern. Watch your speed and be careful approaching curves and straightaways.

Habilidades adicionales de ciclismo nocturno para motorcycles
Practice Defensive Riding - One of the best strategies to stay safe is to pretend to be invisible. Sometimes you get into traffic well, and that's pretty much who you are. Be defensive while riding, and if another driver doesn't know he's there, try to stay safe.
Stay alert - You must constantly scan between the horizon and the mirror. Adjust the position of the mirror so that your eyes can see what is behind you without looking around.
Stay out of blind spots - one of the worst places to ride is another rider or larger vehicle. They can easily meet you or change lanes and/or direction to avoid road debris and cause avoidable collisions.
Use your signal - the turn signal is a polite way to signal to other drivers that you are planning to change lanes or turn. They can also attract the attention of other drivers through flashing lights at night.
Aumentar la distancia de conducción - cuando no se puede ver claramente la parte delantera de la motorcycle, las siguientes distancias deben ser mayores de lo habitual. Aunque usted puede estacionar mucho más rápido que la mayoría de los vehículos en la carretera, muchas cosas pueden suceder rápidamente durante la noche. Para posibles problemas, aumente el tiempo de respuesta en segundos, que superará el tiempo de llegada en minutos debido al tráfico o la necesidad de ralentizar.
Turn/Turn Change - One way to make the turn easier is to separate the brake movement from the turn. Brake to the maximum (if not all) before turning; This will provide maximum traction and stability to your tires.
One Third - You can divide each lane into one third (Left, Center, Right), which is equally important at any time of day. Use them as needed to stay safe and avoid anything on the road. Each section has advantages and disadvantages over other drivers, debris, rides, etc. There are not correct or incorrect answers. Stay safe and visible during that period.
El ciclismo nocturno puede abrir un nuevo mundo para ti. Usted puede montar en el mismo camino durante muchos a ños durante el día, y una vez por la noche puede alterar completamente su visión; A medida que el paisaje cambia, el peligro cambia. Pequeños cambios en el equipo de equitación, pequeñas mejoras en la motorcycle y cambios específicos en los hábitos de equitación le permiten disfrutar de un paseo seguro y fresco. ¡Manténgase a salvo y buena suerte!

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