Coil and fault of motorcycle ignition system

Coil and fault of motorcycle ignition system.

Recently, the igniter of  engine was developed, in which the ignition principle and components of motorcycle were borrowed. As a result, the igniter I wanted to make was not completed, but many problems of motorcycle ignition system were found. For the majority of riders to troubleshoot, I would like to talk about some difficult problems of the ignition system, especially the coil. Magneto ignition charging coil (hereinafter referred to as "charging coil"), igniter trigger sensor coil (commonly referred to as "sensor"), igniter high-voltage output coil (commonly referred to as "high-voltage package") )and the transformer in the true current igniter; In motorcycle electrical appliances, the coil wound with fine enameled wire is easy to be damaged. Its own causes of damage are nothing more than: stress pull-out, damp mold break, overload burn-out, breakdown short-circuit among them, the problem of short-circuit breakdown is the most difficult to detect, and it is the easiest to make the majority of riders feel big.
Next, I will briefly talk about the causes of these four kinds of faults and the measurement methods; As for maintenance, for most ordinary car owners, it is not fun to rewind enameled wire as thin as hair. Usually, if it is not for research, no one will do that.
1、 Failure of fatigue stress:
In order to prevent moisture and insulation, the coil must be wound on the plastic skeleton and soaked in varnish, but those insulation materials will expand in heat and shrink in cold, and the expansion coefficient is different from that of enameled wire. Several times a day, when you drive a motorcycle, some parts of the car will heat up and shrink, and the fine enameled wire in the coil will be slightly stretched and squeezed; There are thousands of times in a year. Over a long period of time, there are always some defects in materials or processes, which will break a thin wire in the coil by themselves. The most serious victim in this item is the igniter charging coil in the motorcycle magneto. Although it is installed inside the housing, there is also some air cooling effect, but after the engine is hot, the temperature inside the magneto is quite high; The cold and hot changes on Baidu more than a dozen times a day and the thousands of heat rises and cold contractions every year are really a great test and destruction to the materials and processes of the charging coil. The second is the high-voltage package, but the heat dissipation environment in which it is installed is much better than that in the magneto. As for the trigger sensor, due to its small size and being outside the magneto, it receives the least fatigue stress; If there is no accident, it can be used for several years
Although the igniter is not a coil element, it is also a problem because it is filled with sealant. Some manufacturers' materials are not up to standard and are damaged in the drying stage. Some igniters are poorly designed and generate serious heat, and the sealing material has a strong effect of heat expansion and cold contraction. As a result, they are like regular fried eggs, which are often finished within half a year after leaving the factory. There was a suggestion to improve the sealing method, but this is not an order, and the relevant manufacturers are not interested in it. The spark plug was originally a relatively useful thing, but the M10 spark plug currently popular on four stroke engines is not very good. Although the thin electrode is conducive to ignition, the core loss is also fast, and the ignition gap usually needs to be adjusted every six months. The high temperature of each engine work and the cooling of the intake air have an aging effect on the ceramic pillar of the spark plug, which is equivalent to dozens of fatigue quenching per second. Usually M10 spark plugs will be brittle and aged after one year or 10000 kilometers.
It is very difficult to prevent fatigue damage on the vehicle; Usually, car owners have no choice but to rely on the manufacturers to improve the technology, materials and design. Experienced vehicle owners will carry one igniter and one spark plug with the vehicle for standby. It is more troublesome to disassemble the ignition charging coil and the high-voltage package. It is difficult for ordinary people to replace them on their own, and they usually do not take them with them. The sensor is rarely broken. Usually, after being installed in place, there is no need to check it for a long time, so there are no spare parts.
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