What are the channels to find high quality Chinese suppliers of corven triax 200 spare parts?


TTKIN® is a very popular brand of motorcycle accessories. It is sought after by people in many countries for the excellent and long-lasting quality of its products, beautiful packaging, and professional service.
15 years of experience - 208 motorcycle models - 22,800 spare parts items
whatWhat are the channels to find high quality Chinese suppliers of corven triax 200 spare parts?
The Triax 200 is characterized by its lightness, versatility and great performance on different types of roads. This motorcycle combines the best of technology with great handling. Thanks to a front suspension with 37mm diameter tubes, front and rear disc brakes, a 5-speed transmission and a 200cc engine, it meets the expectations of both beginners and experienced riders. The Corven Triax 200 stands out for its aggressive lines and modern graphics, as well as for its three colors (black, red and pearl orange). Perfect for daily city driving and adventurous weekend getaways.
whatCuáles son los canales para encontrar proveedores chinos de corven triax 200 spare parts de alta calidad

corven triax 200 spare parts:
Displacement 200ccMaximum power 14 hp @ 7,300 rpmTop speed 105 km/hFeeding CarburetorCDI Ignition (Capacitive Discharge Ignition)corven triax 200 voltage regulator good quality. Electric start and pedal5 speed transmissionD/T Disc/Drum BrakesFront Tire 3.00 R21rear tire 4.60 R18Front Suspension telescopic forkrear suspension monoshock corven triax 200Length / Width / Height N/ADistance between axis N/AWeight 128kgAltura del Asiento N/ALoad Capacity 150kgTank capacity 12.5 litersConsumption and Autonomy 250 km / 20 km per liter.
corven triax 200 voltage regulator
corven triax 200 voltage regulator

monoshock corven triax 200
monoshock corven triax 200

whatWhat are the channels to find high quality Chinese suppliers of corven triax 200 spare parts?
1. Search Engine
Search engines are one of the most important means for foreign buyers to find suppliers, accounting for almost 60% of the total. The main foreign search engines include: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Through search engines, you can quickly and accurately find high-quality Chinese products Motorcycle Accessories Exporter.
For example, TTKIN® has its own independent official website: http://pesc.pw/4l6fbu, where more importers and consumers of motorcycle accessories can clearly understand our brand and the scale of our company.
2. B2B Platform (Alibaba, MIC, Global Sources)
The B2B platform is an earlier model of e-commerce development, and has a certain degree of recognition for foreign buyers, so the B2B platform is also the second channel for foreign buyers to find suppliers, as many importers have begun to resort to the development of the official website platform, many high-quality motorcycle parts exporters have gradually withdrawn from the B2B platform.
3. Social networks and official website
Social networks mainly include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. and its official website. Please search the social media accounts and official websites of the vendors through these platforms and follow the product information posted by them. You can understand the product well.
TTKIN® has gained a group of customers who love and recognize our brand through years of marketing on the official website and social media.
In the operation of the official website, we update the design according to the changes of the market. We will regularly publish professional articles such as corporate culture, corporate news, models and accessories from various countries, and provide more interested customers in knowing our TTKIN® and know more Updated market information.
Our official website: www.motopartsttkin.com
At the same time, on Facebook, the world's largest social network, we also have our own official public homepage: TTKIN MOTO PARTS
4. Professional foreign trade exhibition.
Compared to the other three methods above, the display is more traditional, but it is also the most direct. Participating in the exhibition can help you quickly understand the product. TTKIN® has ten consecutive years of experience in participating in the Canton Fair, and the quality of the brand's products has been recognized by the guests on the spot.
TTKIN® has 15 years of experience in exporting motorcycle accessories, which is the manufacture of motorcycle parts in china Of the highest quality. Our product philosophy is strong and durable, which includes corven triax 200 spare parts of the best quality. We have accumulated many loyal customers in South America, and with the opening of the official website of TTKIN® and social media accounts, more and more new customers have been coming to consult and pay attention to our products, so we have accumulated a larger B-end and small B-side customer base. We will strictly control the quality of our products. and at the same time, we will continue to develop new advertising products to help our distributors formulate promotional plans. ohWe're looking for more new distributors and hope you'll join!