The rectifier of the motorcycle is broken. What are the symptoms

The symptoms of motorcycle rectifier failure are: 1. Unable to charge the motorcycle battery. 2. Resulting in the motorcycle being difficult to ignite or unable to start. 2. The voltage of the motorcycle will be unstable. 3. Turn on the motorcycle lamp, and the brightness of the lamp may become very low or not bright. That is to say, the generator is broken and can't charge the motorcycle to generate electricity. Therefore, we should pay attention to this problem when driving motorcycles at ordinary times to avoid impact.

Generally speaking, the motorcycle rectifier is a generator. If the generator breaks down, the battery of the motorcycle will run out of power, resulting in a series of problems. The motorcycle rectifier is a rectifying equipment facility, that is, a single circulating current. The motorcycle has two power supplies, a main power supply and an auxiliary power supply. The two power supplies are interconnected. This requires a device like the command direction, that is, a single circulating current. The diode of the rectifier plays its role. The role of the rectifier can also be understood as a device that converts AC to DC.
How to judge whether the motorcycle rectifier is broken?
1. First of all, the simplest way is to look at the voltage. We all know that under normal circumstances, the voltage will not change with the change of gears or neutral gears. On the contrary, there is a problem with the rectifier of the motorcycle.
2. After the motorcycle starts, take out the battery fuse, and then observe the change of the lamp. If the lamp brightness is low or not bright, the rectifier is broken.
3. If the electrolyte drops too fast during use, the lamp will burn out, which also proves that the voltage stabilizing function of the rectifier has failed.