How to distinguish front disc wear of motorcycle

When using the front disc brake of a motorcycle, you can directly observe it with your eyes, and then judge it by the reaction to the front disc brake.
The front brake disc usually has two brake discs, one stationary and the other moving with the caliper piston, so the wear of the two brake discs may be slightly different.
However, as long as one of them is excessively worn, the entire torque must be replaced, otherwise the braking performance will be weakened or even the brake disc will be scratched. The worn state can be seen directly from the frame without disassembly.
In addition, if the front brake disc is excessively worn, if the vehicle slows down during driving, it will also make a sharp scream. Therefore, when the vehicle makes such a sound, you need to replace the brake pad.
In fact, it is easier to replace the front disc brake disc. Remove the brake caliper shock absorber, remove the brake caliper positioning bolt, and then remove the brake caliper. Then restart the brake caliper piston and install a new brake caliper.
The most difficult step here is to reset the piston clamp. Generally, as long as the inward force of the piston can be basically reset. If it is too difficult, loosen the oil drain bolt of the piston clamp, so that it is easier for the piston to move inward, and it is unnecessary to remove and add brake oil to the brake system in the future.
These are the procedures for checking and replacing the front disc brake discs of motorcycles. Those who are interested in automobiles can combine the inspection and replacement of your favorite automobile brake discs in the article.