Explanation of motorcycle cylinder block

The motorcycle cylinder block is broken. How can I buy a good cylinder block

If the cylinder block of the motorcycle is broken, it's better to buy, repair and replace it at the service station of the motorcycle sales outlet to ensure that the cylinder block of the main engine is the original one. There are also high-quality roadside maintenance shops outside, but I need to know how to identify them. The motorcycle cylinder block is an easily broken part of the engine system. The reason may be the quality problem of the cylinder block itself, the later maintenance problem, and the rider's control problem.
At present, the maintenance market rarely sells individual cylinder blocks, but basically sells maintenance in the form of cylinder sets, which include cylinder blocks, pistons, piston rings, piston pins, circlips, paper gaskets, valve oil seals and other parts. Specific purchase channels are as follows: 1 Service station of motorcycle sales outlets: free replacement in accordance with the "Three Guarantees" standard. The extra three packages are charged according to the price of the set of cylinders, and the hourly fee is also charged. The accessories are the original accessories of the main engine, with guaranteed quality.

II Motorcycle repair shop: the repair shop can also buy the original cylinder set of the main engine or the brand cylinder set, but it needs to inform the repairman of his own needs, and in addition, he needs to know some general knowledge of cylinder set. The following is the general knowledge of the configuration of some large brand cylinder sets in the current maintenance market.

1. The cylinder blocks of the major brands of cylinder blocks all have the marks of the main engine brand or their own brand, such as the letter marks of the main engine brands Haojue and Zongshen, and the cylinder blocks of the major brands such as Taicang, Gongyu and Sibai also have their own marks. 2. Shandong Zhenting Seiko piston is the best choice for piston 3. East Asia (Dy) or anqing (ATG) is the best choice for piston ring 4. The quality gap of other small parts is not too prominent.
Cylinder refers to a cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to perform linear reciprocating motion in the cylinder. The air converts thermal energy into mechanical energy by expansion in the engine cylinder; The gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure.

The casing of a turbine, a rotary piston engine, etc. is also commonly referred to as a "cylinder". Application fields of cylinder: printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding, chip grinding), automation control, robot, etc.
The cylinder is composed of cylinder barrel, end cap, piston, piston rod and seal,

The cylinder is made by casting. After leaving the factory, the cylinder must undergo aging treatment to completely eliminate the internal stress generated in the casting process. If the aging time is short, the processed cylinder will be deformed in the later operation.
The internal and external leakage of the cylinder is generally caused by eccentric installation of the piston rod, insufficient supply of lubricating oil, wear or damage of the sealing ring and sealing ring, impurities in the cylinder and scars on the piston rod. Therefore, in case of internal and external leakage of the cylinder, the center of the piston rod should be readjusted to ensure the coaxiality of the piston rod and the cylinder barrel; Regularly check whether the oil mist device works reliably to ensure that the actuator is lubricated well; When the sealing ring and sealing ring are worn or damaged, they must be replaced in time; If there are impurities in the cylinder, they should be removed in time; Replace the piston rod with a new one if there are scars on it.

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