Evidence suggests the new Kawasaki 650 and z650 ninjas will be released in 2023

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As the calendar approaches July, we are officially entering the second half of 2022. This also means that manufacturers of motorcycles they're releasing 2023 models. This time of year, we often hear of the newer models' return to popular "bold new graphics," like last week's news about BMW 2023 paint options.

Of course, we are more interested in new models, as well as existing models that are being updated. As usual, motorcycles. Com has begun to probe our tracks. To this end, moyan found evidence that Kawasaki will update the Ninja 650 and z650 in 2023. When we learned that the Ninja 650 and z650 were not included in the initial list of 2023 model year vehicle identification information submitted by Kawasaki to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we thought of something first. Like the first round announcement, the first version of these lists is usually to return the same vehicle type, as the information is the same as the previous model year and only the year data is required to be resubmitted. new. The absence of these two models illustrates this, especially when the z650rs was listed for the 2023 model year.
The real evidence is the certification from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CAAC), which suggests that the z650 and Ninja 650 will now share the same engine and exhaust system. than the recently updated versys 650.
Esta es la orden ejecutiva CARB de Kawasaki Ninja 650, z650 y z650rs 2022 (su Código de modelo er650mn se menciona aquí). Versys 650 fue actualizado en 2022 y tiene sus propias órdenes ejecutivas. Usted puede ver que esto es 2022 porque fue presentado antes de que Kawasaki separara oficialmente su negocio de motorcycles, por lo que todavía dice "Kawasaki Heavy Industries" en la parte superior en lugar de "Kawasaki car".

All three models use a similar engine, a 649cc liquid-cooled four-stroke dohc eight-valve parallel twin-cylinder engine, with the same cylinder bore of 83.0mm and a stroke of 60.0mm. Despite these similarities, the versys 650 has been using slightly different engines for a decade. In 2010 and 2011, all three 650 models were certified with the same emissions data. This changed in 2012 when Kawasaki updated the ER-6n, the predecessor to the Ninja 650 and z650. Versys has not been upgraded in the same way and is still certified to its previous emission levels.
Over the years, Kawasaki has continued to produce various versions of the engine and the Vulcans have gained their own iterative TORQ tuning, along with their own certification. For 2023, Kawasaki has certified the Ninja 650, z650, and versys 650, meaning they now share the exact same engine trim. Interestingly, the 2023 z650rs will keep their previous engine trims, while the Vulcans will continue their own 649cc Twin development.
Modelo de motocicleta
In 2023, Kawasaki introduced the z650 (Model Code er650np and er650pp) and Ninja 650 (ex650pp and ex650rp) using versys 650 executive orders. The z650rs has passed its own administrative certification.
The new authentication document tells us something. First off, the z650 and Ninja 650 claim a slight decrease in Power Output from 50 kW to 49 kW (67.1 HP @ 8,500 RPM @ 65.7 HP from previous EPA certification). We can also expect the Ninja and z650 to get the same two-mode traction control system that Kawasaki gave the versys 650.

Both the CARB executive order and EPA certification provide a new Model Code for the Ninja 650 and z650. In 2023, the Code for Ninja 650 was ex650pp and ex650rp (Code for ABS and non-ABS versions, respectively). Similarly, the 2023 z650 codes are er650np and er650pp. The last letter represents the model year, and according to industry practice, "P" represents 2023.
Meanwhile, the ABS Model Code of the 2022 Ninja 650 is ex650mn, the Non-ABS Model Code is ex650nn, while the ABS Model Code and Non-ABS Model Code of the 2022 z650 are er650kn and er650ln, respectively. The last letter represents the model year, and by convention 2022 is represented by the letter "N".Modelo de motocicleta
In addition to the model date, the ninja 650 has been using the codes ex650m and ex650n since 2020, the last year it was updated. Before that they were ex650j and ex650k. Similarly, since 2020, the z650 uses the Code er650k / er650l, which is also updated for the last time. Before that the codes were er650g and er650h.
This tells us that we can expect more changes than just replacing the versys 650 engine trim. We can also expect a new look, perhaps the Ninja in the headlights received Kawasaki versys the same exaggerated sharp chin. The optional driving modes will be a nice addition, but they're not part of the versys upgrade, so we don't want them to be available on the z650 or ninja 650. Chassis upgrades are also possible, although the emissions documentation clearly doesn't provide much information.
Kawasaki normalmente mostrará las actualizaciones de sus modelos Ninja y Z en los grandes espectáculos de motorcycles de otoño, y Sospechamos que esto volverá a suceder este año, con las actualizaciones de los modelos Ninja 650 y z650 para 2023.