TTKIN's 15th Anniversary

author: TTKIN
TTKIN is 15 years old today. The brand established in 2008 has been committed from the very beginning to providing high quality motorcycle spare parts abroad. We now have customers from many countries in Latin America and the Middle East, and we continue to actively explore markets in other countries and regions.

Our philosophy and our partners
Our philosophy is to help customers compete successfully in the market by offering them products of "DURABLE QUALITY, GOOD APPEARANCE and BEST PRICE".
Over the years, we have established long-term partnerships with many leading factories in the industry including LIHUA, DA DONG VALVE, LIDE, LIGUANG, etc. For example, LIHUA, which is engaged in the investigation, development and production of motorbike electrical appliances, is, among its peers, the Chinese company with the largest scale, the highest market share and the most complete production equipment and testing facilities.
These companies have provided us with products with a wide range of styles, stable and excellent performance quality and perfect service guarantee, which enables us to practice what our philosophy and provide customers with the best service.

Towards a promising future
For many people in Latin America, the motorbike is an important, or rather indispensable, means of transport. In the past year, the motorbike market has seen a huge growth in many Latin American countries, especially in Colombia. According to the statistics provided by Andemos, sales of the vehicle increased by 37% in the first quarter of 2022, with a forecast of 850,000 units sold for the year.
The trade and use of motorbikes generate an economic dynamic that revolves around technical maintenance, trade and fuel. As a supplier of spare parts for motorbikes, this growing market means more demand, i.e. more opportunities and performance for us in this sector. We will also do more to better serve all our customers.