Structure principle of motorcycle disc brake assembly and common troubleshooting

Structure principle of motorcycle disc brake assembly and common troubleshooting
Composition and working principle of hydraulic brake device: the hydraulic brake device is composed of brake pedal, brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, wheel brake, brake roller, pipeline, etc. When the brake pedal is depressed, the piston pushes the master cylinder forward. Make the brake fluid in the cylinder generate pressure, and press the oil into each brake wheel cylinder through the oil pipe. At this time, the wheel cylinder piston opens outwards, pushing the brake shoe into contact with the brake drum, generating a braking effect. Hydraulic brake assembly
1: Overview
The brake is the brake, which is the mechanical part that stops or decelerates the moving parts in the machinery, commonly known as brake and brake. The brake is mainly composed of brake frame, brake parts and operating device. Some brakes are also equipped with automatic adjustment devices for brake clearance.
The motorcycle brake is an important part to ensure the safe running of the motorcycle. Its function is to control the speed of the running motorcycle and make the motorcycle stop running stably and reliably in the shortest time (distance) in an emergency.
2: Classification of brakes and analysis of their advantages and disadvantages (I) classification of brakes
Motorcycle brakes are generally of the normally open mechanical friction type, which can be divided into internal expansion shoe brakes
(also known as drum brake or drum brake) and hydraulic disc brake. Hydraulic disc brakes can be divided into fixed caliper type and floating caliper type according to the characteristics of brake caliper. Press the brake cylinder The number of can be divided into single cylinder and multi cylinder brakes. According to the layout structure of the brake cylinder, it can be divided into two types: single cylinder brake and opposite cylinder brake.
1: Drum brake:
Advantages: the drum brake has a good white brake effect. Because the brake makes the pad stretch out, the wheel rotates and the brake outside the wheel distorts by an angle, the greater the external tension (brake braking force) of the brake to make the pad, the more obvious the situation is. Therefore, in general, large vehicles use the drum brake. In addition to the lower cost, the difference between the drum brake of large vehicles and small vehicles may only be that large vehicles use pneumatic assistance, Small cars use vacuum assist to help brake. Drum brakes have a relatively low level of manufacturing technology and were first used in brake systems, so the manufacturing cost is lower than that of disc brakes.
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