How to choose the best quality pulsar ns 200 spare parts?

How to choose the best quality pulsar ns 200 spare parts?
Introduction of Pulsar ns200
Bajaj is one of the largest motorcycle companies in India, with its excellent design and strict quality control, it has dominated the export market in recent years. The 200NS they released was released in batches in 2016. The bike now offers single-channel ABS and two new colors: black and white. This new white color scheme is popular with young drivers. Its current main competitors are TVS, Apache, RTR, 2004V and KTM Duke200.
The NS200 is a streetfighter-style motorcycle known for its wolf-like appearance. The spare parts pulsar ns 200it is equipped with the following special design: it offers a digital instrument cluster and an upright seating position. There are single-cylinder, four-stroke, triple spark ignition, and liquid-cooled engines. It uses a pressed-steel perimeter frame and box-section swingarm, and features a lower-belly exhaust and Nitrox-charged single-shock rear suspension.
¿Cómo elegir spare parts pulsar ns 200 de la mejor calidad

The new Bajaj Pulsar NS is the best-selling motorcycle of the Bajaj brand. It comes with a new color scheme that it says is inspired by active physical activity. Performance, flexibility and unique design. Available in 3 colors: Graphic Black, Phantom White and Wild Red.
The Pulsar ns 200 is equipped with a DST-i four-stroke engine with a capacity of 199.5 cc, which produces a maximum power of 24.5 hp and a maximum torque of 18.6 Nm; disc brakes are installed at the front and rear. Equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) anti-lock braking system, telescopic front suspension with 37 mm anti-friction bushing and Nitrox Mono rear shock absorber with Piggy Back cylinder.
Advantages of Pulsar ns200
a. Triple spark technology
The three plugs offer unprecedented performance and efficiency, with rapid and complete combustion at partial load conditions, improving fuel efficiency and ensuring lower emissions. A high performance three-spark engine controlled by an advanced electronic control unit is the technology of the future.
b.4 valve
The 4-valve engine helps to bring in more charge (air-fuel mixture) and completely expels all the burnt gases. This improves engine performance: power, throttle response and acceleration at all engine speeds. The 4-valve engine can accelerate to higher revs without engine stress, allowing the driver to experience exceptional performance.
c. Liquid refrigeration
The high-performance Pulsar 200 NS engine is kept cool with liquid coolant, which dissipates heat in the engine better than air-cooled engines.
Liquid cooling ensures there is no loss of power due to overheating, extending engine life, while the coolant provides a sound deadening effect that softens engine noise even at high revs.
d. speed gearbox
The smooth-shifting 6-speed gearbox works seamlessly with the powerful 200cc, 4-valve, three-spark engine, ensuring optimum use of the wider power output.
Introduction to NS 200 Spare Parts
shock absorber ns 200: It is a rear shock for BAJAJ Pulsar 200 NS, 150AS, 200AS, 200RS and Discover ST models. It is a gas filled nitrogen filled shock absorber.
Cómo elegir el amortiguador ns 200 de la mejor calidad

Cpulsar ns 200 arburettor: suitable for bajaj carburetor compound, suitable for bajaj pulsar ns200 (BS3, 2012-16) motorcycle 200ccdtsi bs-3 engine.
Cómo elegir el cpulsar ns 200 arburettor de la mejor calidad
regulator ns200: Made of high-quality aluminum + electronic component materials, the voltage is 14.5 ± 0.5 V, the size is 84 * 73 * 28 mm, the product performance regulation voltage is 13.5 ±1V (rated load 35W, battery load, 5000r/min); battery open circuit voltage is 14.5±0.5V; biphasic full wave rectification; ACx3-DC.
Kit drag ns 200: The material is 45# steel, the surface treatment is generally galvanized, dull polished, the thickness is 7mm, the gear is 39-15T, the hardness is 45HRB, and the chain model is 520H.
Cómo elegir el kit drag ns 200 de mejor calidad
original pulsar 200 ns cylinder kit: Class A quality, iron material, 72mm opening.
Cómo elegir el kit de cilindro pulsar 200 ns original de mejor calidad

cdi ns 200: Ignition Characteristics are DC Power Supply, Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Curve Ignition Power, Low Speed, High Speed ​​Ignition Performance, Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to +65°C;
Product performance: minimum continuous firing speed: ≤ 200 r/min (intermittent firing gap of 6mm three-needle is 0.7mm); continuous firing speed range: ≤ 200 r/min ~ 11000 r/min (three needles intermittently 6mm, trigger gap 0.7mm).
Cómo elegir el cdi ns 200 de la mejor calidad

stator pulsar ns 200: Output power W/V is 200W/12V, QZY-2/180° copper material, continuous firing angle 200-11000r/min, number of coils 12 DC coils, output voltage 200W/12V, temperature range 15 ° ~ 35°±1.5°, the minimum continuous firing speed is less than or equal to 400r/min, and the continuous firing speed range is less than or equal to 400r/min ~ 11000r/min.
Cómo elegir el estator pulsar ns 200 de mejor calidad

Clutch discs ns 200: Unique material that ensures a high coefficient of friction. The service life is more than 10,000 kilometers. Fast heat dissipation, no jump and sprint functions.
Cómo elegir los discos de clutch de mejor calidad ns 200

Pns 200 front splinters: material: steel, size: 94.6*36.5*7.5/8.5mm, the brake pads do not contain asbestos.
Cómo elegir las pns 200 front splinters de mejor calidad

How to choose the best quality pulsar ns 200 spare parts?
One is to see if there is a factory logo of motorcycle parts factory, and the other is to see the color of the product itself, to see if the accessories themselves are smooth.
For example, the engine block, see if there is a factory mark. Then look at the color, if there is trachoma, if touching the leaf will burn, how thick it is and if the weight is enough. Parts like gears should touch if the corners of the wheels are sharp and prickly. If they are reconditioned, they should be very smooth and not feel brittle. Some accessories that contain copper, such as the coil of the starting motor,see if it is a real copper wire and if it is coiled enough.
What are the principles to buy spare parts pulsar ns 200?
Motorcycle accessories are divided into three types, namely special parts, general parts and standard parts. The general principles of selection and purchase are as follows:
  1. First determine if the accessories have normal wear or abnormal damage.
  2. The quality inspection of accessories is governed by the following principles:
(1) It is best to use the original parts;
(2) Check the condition of the packaging and the qualification certificate of the accessories, and check the used model, specifications, factory name, factory date, etc.;
(3) Carry out the necessary visual inspection and check with the naked eye whether there are cracks, sand holes, burrs, bumps, etc.
(4) Some necessary measurements should be made if there are tolerance matching requirements, and the matching marks should be checked;
(5) Some parts need to be tested as required;
(6) Do not buy accessories without a brand, model mark or name;
(7) Do not buy products marked "not qualified", "external products" or expired aging products. In case of emergency use, be very careful.
d. Replacement of accessories. Different models have different requirements for accessories. However, some accessories can be replaced by different models, such as spark plugs, bearings, batteries, etc. The substitution principle is to replace the bad with the good, not to replace the good with the bad, so as not to affect the riding state of the motorcycle. How to grasp this principle, we must check the data, compare the pros and cons to determine. In an emergency, a test should be done.
and. price comparison. Pay attention to whether the price is too low or too high to avoid buying inferior accessories.
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¿Cómo elegir spare parts pulsar ns 200 de la mejor calidad