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What are the principles for purchasingspeed boxter 150 spare parts?

The Veloci Boxter 150 is a motorcycle model produced by a company in the Philippines. The following are the main characteristics and analysis of this motorcycle:

Engine: Veloci Boxter 150 is equipped with an air-cooled 150 cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 11.3 horsepower and a torque of 11 Nm. This engine has enough power and torque to provide good acceleration and adequate cruising speed.

Design: The Veloci Boxter 150 has a clean and elegant design that resembles a classic sports car. The body shape is smooth and dynamic. The whole vehicle adopts a single rear suspension system and a McPherson strut front suspension system, which has good handling and comfort.

¿Cuáles son los principios para la compra de veloci boxter 150 refacciones?

Raw materials: The main materials of this motorcycle are steel and plastic. The steel part is mainly used for components such as the frame, wheels, and hood. Plastic materials are used for parts such as the bodywork, seat cushions, and fenders. These materials are of very high quality and provide good durability and safety.

Configuration: Veloci Boxter 150 is equipped with LCD instrument panel, LED headlights, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, rear view mirror and other accessories. These settings are relatively basic settings that can meet the needs of everyday use.

The Veloci Boxter 150 is a stylish, high-performance motorcycle for daily commuting and short trips.

speed boxter 150 spare parts

veloci boxter 150 refacciones

What are the principles for purchasing speed boxter 150 spare parts?

Motorcycle accessories are divided into three types, namely special parts, general parts, and standard parts. The general principles of selection and purchase are the following:

Motorcycle accessories are divided into three types, namely special parts, general parts, and standard parts. The general principles of selection and purchase are the following:

a. First determine if the accessories have normal wear or abnormal damage.

b. The quality inspection of accessories has the following principles:

(1) It is best to use the original parts;

(2) Check the packaging status and qualification certificate of the accessories, and check the used model, specifications, factory name, factory date, etc.;

(3) Carry out the necessary visual inspection and observe with the naked eye whether there are cracks, sand holes, burrs, bumps, etc.

(4) Some necessary measurements should be made if there are tolerance match requirements, and the match marks should be checked;

(5) Some parts need to be tested as needed;

(6) Do not buy the three free accessories without the brand, model brand and drawing number name;

(7) Do not buy products marked with "unqualified", "external products" or expired aging products. In case of emergency use, be very careful.

d. Replacement of accessories. Different models have different requirements for accessories. However, some accessories can be replaced by different models, such as spark plugs, bearings, batteries, etc. The replacement principle is to replace the lower with the upper, and not replace the upper with the lower, so as not to affect the riding conditions of the motorcycle. How to grasp this principle, we must check the data, compare the pros and cons to determine. In an emergency, a test should be done.

my. price comparison. Pay attention to whether the price is too low or too high to avoid buying inferior accessories.


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