How to choose a high quality italika ft 250 ts spare parts supplier in China?


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How to choose a high quality italika ft 250 ts spare parts supplier in China?
The Italika FT 250 TS model is a Sport motorcycle manufactured by Italika. In this version sold from the year 2020, the dry weight is 124.5 kg (274.5 lbs) and it is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The engine produces a maximum power output of 18.00 HP (13.1 kW)) at 8500 RPM and a maximum torque of 16.60 Nm (1.7 kgf-m or 12.2 ft.lbs) at 6500 RPM. With this transmission, the Italika FT 250 TS is capable of a maximum top speed of . Regarding the characteristics of the chassis, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the Italika FT 250 TS has a frame with telescopic front suspension and at the rear it is equipped with ft 250 ts shock absorbers duals. Stock tire sizes are 80/90-18 at the front and 110/80-18 at the rear. For stopping power, the Italika FT 250 TS brake system includes a single disc size at the front and an expandable brake size (drum brake) at the rear.
Cómo elegir un proveedor de italika ft 250 spare parts ts high quality en China
italika ft 250 spare parts::
4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. Displacement 250 CC. Maximum speed 120 km/h. Maximum power 18 Hp @ 8500 RPM. Maximum torque 16.6 Nm at 6500 RPM. Fuel efficiency 24 km/L. Start the system. Electric and pedal. Equipped with stator ft 250 high qualityStandard final gearbox 5 speeds/chain (ft 250 ts drag kit). Fuel capacity 16 L. Fuel economy 384 km per tank. Oil capacity 1.1 L.
ft 250 ts shock absorbers 
ft 250 ts shock absorbers 
stator ft 250
stator ft 250
ft 250 ts drag kit
ft 250 ts drag kit
How to choose a provider italika ft 250 spare parts ts high quality en China?
To choose a provider italika ft 250 spare parts ts high quality, debe inspeccionar al proveedor en términos de modelo, precio, capacidad de desarrollo, calidad, escala, etc.
1. Sample
Suppliers who can provide product samples to customers to experience the quality of the products and allow customers to understand the production efficiency of the product are generally more reliable.
2. Price and quality
Precio, calidad y servicio integrales, compare y elija el que tenga un precio moderado, calidad garantizada y el mejor servicio. Un servicio high quality puede ahorrar mucho tiempo y resolver muchos problemas.
3. Coordination
In order to respond to customers' questions in a timely manner, the best cooperation is for the supplier to have many years of foreign trade experience, understand English and the language of local customers, and have local language materials. It can save a lot of trouble. With its own factory of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the strength of such a supplier will be further enhanced. Its sensitivity to the market will also be much higher. TTKIN® It has its own motorcycle foreign trade factory and a professional trading team to serve every customer.
4. Company size
Suppliers who can honestly demonstrate the size of their company and take customers to visit the company's showroom are also worthy of consideration for customer factory inspection requirements. The requirements of overseas customers to visit the showroom of TTKIN®
they can connect with customers in real time to show the product showroom.
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