How to choose a high quality dax spare parts supplier in China?


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whatHow to choose a high quality dax spare parts supplier in China?
The Honda ST 70 DAX model is a small off-road motorcycle manufactured by Honda. Built for the US and European export markets, the Dax is attractive, agile and easy to drive. And equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. What makes the Dax interesting is that it is equipped with a stable Super Cub engine. Honda has also revised the intake and exhaust system. The engine produces a maximum peak power of 5.20 HP (3.8 kW). There is more torque available in the low rev range. With this transmission, the Honda ST 70 DAX can reach a top speed of 75.0 km/h (46.6 mph).
whatHow to choose a provider dax spare parts de alta calidad en China

Regarding the chassis characteristics, firm grip, strong handling performance and good ride comfort, etc., the frame of the Honda ST 70 DAX is equipped with a front suspension and a rear suspension. The size of the front tires is 3.50-10, and the rear size is 3.50 -10. In terms of braking force, the braking system of the Honda ST 70 DAX includes a front expandable brake size and a rear expandable brake size.
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Enginesingle cylinder, four strokeBore/Stroke 47.0mm x 41.4mmTop speed 40 mph (65 km/h)Horsepower 5.23 hp (3.9 kW) @ 8000 RPMhonda dax st 70 carburetor fuel systemGearbox: 3 speedFinal Drives - ChainFront suspension: Oil shock absorberRear: shock absorbers honda dax 70 of oilFront brake: expansion brake (drum brake)Rear: freno de expansión (freno de tambor)Front tire 3.50-10´,Rear tire 3.50-10´,Length 59.45 inches (1510mm)Width 22.44 inches (570mm)Height 37.8 inches (960mm)Weight 152.12 lb (69.0 kg) (dry), 75.0 kg (wet)Recommended engine oil Honda GN4 10W-40Fuel capacity 0.66 gal (2.50 liters).
honda dax st 70 carburetor
honda dax st 70 carburetor
shock absorbers honda dax 70 
shock absorbers honda dax 70 
whatHow to choose a provider dax spare parts high quality in china?
First inspect the suppliers from the perspective of samples, prices, development capabilities, quality, scale, etc.
1. Samples Suppliers who can provide product samples to customers to experience the quality of the products and allow customers to understand the production efficiency of the product are generally more reliable.
2. Price and quality
Comprehensive price, quality and service, please compare and choose the one with moderate price, guaranteed quality and best service. A high-quality service can save a lot of time and solve a lot of problems.
3. Coordination
In order to respond to customers' questions in a timely manner, the best cooperation is for the supplier to have many years of foreign trade experience, understand English and the language of local customers, and have local language materials. It can save a lot of trouble. By having factories with their own foreign trade department, their strength will be further enhanced. Its sensitivity to the market will also be much higher. TTKIN® It has its own foreign trade motorcycle factory and a professional business team to serve every customer.
4. Company size
They can honestly show the size of your company in response to customer inspection requirements. Vendors who take customers to visit the company's product showroom are also worth considering. The requirements of TTKIN® for foreign customers to visit the showroom can be connected with customers in real time to show product showrooms.
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