How do victory bomber 150 spare parts importers of motorcycle spare parts in Peru?



TTKIN®is a very popular brand of motorcycle accessories. It is sought after by people in many countries for the excellent and long-lasting quality of its products, beautiful packaging, and professional service.
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I eat spare parts victory bomber 150a motorcycle spare parts importers in peru?

The victory Bomber has arrived with all the neo retro style and cutting-edge technology backed by Auteco Mobility. Without a doubt, you will be the one who steals the looks in the city.
If you are a lover of retro style, you will surely love the Victory Bomber 150. Combining all the retro style and technology of the present, Vitory Motorcycles comes to the market with a neo retro motorcycle and a 150 cc engine that will make you live an incomparable experience at the moment. to drive it Live in the present with all the retro style.
spare parts victory bomber 150

spare parts bomber 150::
CYLINDER:149.4 cc / POWER:12.7 HP @ 8,500 rpm / TORQUE:11.5 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
victory bomber 150 drag kit
victory bomber 150 drag kit

monoshock bomber 150
monoshock bomber 150

I eat spare parts victory bomber 150a motorcycle spare parts importers in peru?

1Basic international trade documents: suppliers for motorcycle spare parts provided with packaging information, export contracts, commercial export invoices, packing lists and other documents (must be prepared by the company's documentalist and delivered to the documentalist).

2Warehouse for chartering and reservations.
(1) If the contract signed with the customer is FOB CHINA clause, usually the customer will specify the forwarding agent or shipping company.
(2) If the goods are not enough for a small container and you need to carry bulk cargo, please set up a bulk cargo warehouse with the forwarding company.
(3) When reserving the warehouse with the forwarding company, please specify the expected shipping date, container type and quantity, destination port, etc. to avoid mistakes.

3Arrange shipping container (usually reserved by seller according to SHIPPING ORDER)

4Commissioning of customs declaration: At the same time, the supplier must submit the necessary information for customs declaration to the customs agent of the cooperative, and commission the export customs declaration and carry out the inspection of the goods and the clearance of one-time customs.

5Obtain the transport documents.
(1) No later than two days after the ship's departure, the bill of lading must be faxed to the shipping company or freight forwarder.
(2) Urge the shipping company to issue the bill of lading form and freight bill as soon as possible.
(3). Packing list: The packing list must clearly indicate the packing situation of the cargo.

6Delivery order.
(1) the use of T / T currency collection, in the acquisition of the bill of lading immediately after the fax bill of lading to the customer payment, confirmed by the balance of the bill of lading and then the original bill of lading and other documents sent to the client.
(2) If the T/T pickup requires full payment in order to make the container, you have to wait for the pickup, and then arrange the container transportation. You can send the original bill of lading to the customer immediately upon receipt.

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TTKIN is a high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories brand from China, established in 2008, with fifteen years of experience in exporting motorcycle parts and accessories to foreign countries. We have 208 models, such as Suzuki, italika, bajaj, Yamaha and 22,800 motorcycle parts, including the best quality spare parts victory bomber 150, and we have a professional and excellent business team to provide our customers with detailed one-to-one service to solve their We have a team of professional and talented businessmen who work individually to provide our customers with detailed service and solve their problems of export. We are looking for more new distributors and look forward to hearing from you. We will strictly control the quality of our products and provide our customers with various innovative advertising materials to promote our products.