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whatWhat are the principles for the selection of spare parts cerro 150

Cerro 150 is a motorcycle from Argentina, the following is its analysis:


The model is equipped with a 149.4 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine. The maximum power of this engine is 12.4 horsepower and the maximum torque is 12.8 Nm. In relative terms, the performance is relatively stable, suitable for medium-intensity off-road and daily driving.

 cerro 150


Cerro 150 uses a traditional steel tube frame, which is relatively simple and durable, but relatively heavy. The front suspension is hydraulic, and the rear suspension adopts a single-arm rear design.


The car is equipped with 19-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels. The tread pattern of the tires is suitable for off-road conditions of moderate intensity.

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The front brakes are hydraulic disc brakes and the rear brakes are mechanical drum brakes. Disc brakes provide better braking, but require frequent maintenance and replacement of discs and pads.

Cerro 150 is also equipped with basic configurations such as digital instrument panel, front windshield, center stand and rear grill. The overall bike is light and easy to ride, making it suitable for beginners and everyday riders alike.

In general, the Cerro 150 is a motorcycle suitable for daily use and off-road of medium intensity, with good handling and durability. But if you need higher off-road performance and more complex road conditions, you should consider a higher level of off-road motorcycles.

What are the principles for the selection ofspare parts hill 150?

1. Avoid low-priced products

The price of fake products is usually several times cheaper than real ones, of course, at the cost of the difference in quality. Be sure to find out if the low-priced products are normal discounts, price cuts, or troubled water fishing fakes.

2. Look at the packaging

Generally speaking, the outer packaging box of the product is clearly written, accurately overprinted, and the color is bright. It is marked with the product name, specification model, quantity, etc., and some important parts are equipped with instruction manuals. For example, accessoriesTTKIN® They are packed in cardboard boxes with the logo ofTTKIN®, adhesive tape, plastic packaging and there are special labels for accessories. The physical face of the fixture is permanently etched with the part name and part number.

3. Observe the color.

Scrap accessories are sold as qualified products after simple processing, disassembly and assembly, painting and packaging, and illegally earn high profits. The authenticity of these accessories can be identified from the appearance of paint or performance inspection . the products ofTTKIN®They use the best quality materials and the product concept is high quality and durable.

4.look closely at the materials.

Regular accessories are made of high-quality materials according to design requirements, while fake and inferior products are mostly replaced by cheap and inferior materials. If it is found that there are rust stains on the new parts, cracks and aging phenomena on the rubber parts, and desoldering and degumming on the joints, these parts are basically of poor quality.

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