50 Motorcycle Facts That Will Amaze You (2022 Update)

At your next meeting motorcyclistsExplore the last 100 years of Motorcycling at the Center of the Party with these 50 Motorcycling Facts. Learn how the motorcycle company got started, the ridiculous-sounding new laws, and the details of the motorcycle in your favorite movie. I bet there are a few that can put the best motorcycle historians to shame. What are you waiting for? Let's test your knowledge and see how many interesting facts you know about Motorcycles!

50 motorcycle facts
1. Yamaha started to produce piano in 1887, but now it is a multinational enterprise group that is still producing musical instruments. In addition, they have added boats, car engines, swimming pools, industrial robots, wheelchairs, caravans, electronic products, golf carts and motorcycles. motorcycle accessories

2. On October 7, 2014, Dipayan Choudhury set the record for the longest bicycle riding backwards in history in Jabalpur, India, driving 125.52 miles (202 kilometers).

3. Legend has it that when referring to Harley Davidson motorcycles, the word "pig" originated in the early days of Harley's fleet in the 1900s, that is, the shipwrecked crew. They have a pig as their mascot, and one of the riders will chat up with the pig sitting on the bicycle fuel tank successfully. A few years later, Hog became the official abbreviation of Harley Owner Group and the symbol of Harley Davidson's trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

4. As a globally recognized leader in motorcycle helmet manufacturing, Arai helmet was established in Japan in 1926 to manufacture gears for the construction industry. Hirotake Arai, the founder of the company, was once a motorcycle stunt rider. Today, the company is still privately owned and run by the Arai family. Wing helmet store.

6.61% of female motorcycle riders will die in car accidents in 2020. They are passengers. Their deaths accounted for 92 per cent of passenger deaths. The male motorcycle riders who died were mainly drivers. Motorcycle safety device shop.

7. The engine size of the motorcycle whose driver died in the accident has increased sharply. Of the motorcycle riders who died in 2020, 94% drove motorcycles with engines larger than 1400cc, compared with 9% in 2000 and less than 1% in 1990.
the isle of man TT races

8.The Isle of Man TT is a high-speed motorcycle race on a closed road. The 37.73-mile mountain circuit is home to the iomtt, built in 1907 and formerly known as the tourist trophy.
9. In the 1970s television police series Chips, actor Eric Estrada was in a serious motorcycle accident while filming an episode. He had been filming in hospital bed until he recovered.
10. Did you know that modern sports bike tires do not contain natural rubber? The tire's tread is made from synthetic rubber and is blended to provide a balance between durability and traction. Buy motorcycle tires.
11. Los motorcyclists de Indiana se detienen en las luces rojas de estacionamiento durante 120 segundos (2 minutos). Pueden ver las luces de stop como señales de STOP y luego cruzar cuidadosamente la intersección. El apodo de la ley es "Dead red", pero oficialmente designado IC 9 - 21 - 3 - 7b - 3d, actualizado en 2021.
12. Honda began selling a car with a 50cc two-stroke generator in 1946, originally designed for Army field phones. In 1992 (46 years later), it launched one of the most sophisticated manufacturing motorcycles ever made, the Honda NR750, which boasts oval pistons with two connecting rods and eight valves per cylinder. Originally built only as a racing car, Honda later provided the public with 300 road-going versions of nr. Buy OEM Honda Motorcycle Parts.
Honda NR 750 Red

Suzuki began producing looms for the Japanese silk industry in the early 20th century. To expand its business, Suzuki established an engineering company that began producing small cars and engines in the 1930s. The first Suzuki motorcycle appeared in 1952 as an electric bicycle without a motor. It has a 36 cm3 two-stroke engine with a double pinion gear system that allows the rider to step on the pedal without the help of the engine, step on the pedal without the engine, or simply release the pedal and use the engine. Suzuki is now Japan's second largest car and small truck manufacturer, producing wheelchairs, marine engines, and cars. Buy OEM Suzuki motorcycle parts.

14. In 2010, Rocky Robinson set a world speed record of just over 376 MPH on a streamlined motorcycle at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.
15. A North Carolina Man Buried his Harley Davidson car on his property and claimed that it had been Stolen in 2006. He was compensated for the Stolen Motorcycle and his Loan was returned. In 2012, a New Property owner Found the Motorcycle and was classified by a Contractor.
16. Prior to 2008, the top age category for motorcycle fatalities was 29 and under, but this decreased in 2008, leading to changes in the population aged 50 and over.

Motorcyclists fatalities by age

17. On February 26, 2017, Carl Reese completed a 24-hour (single) motorcycle ride for a maximum distance of 2,116.5 miles (3,406.17 km) at the Continental Tire Project grounds in Uwald, Texas, United States . He tried to set a record by raising awareness for the Motorcycle Rescue Project, a group for wounded veterans and those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
18. Did you know that Steve McQueen's famous 65 foot jump in the movie The Great Escape was made by replacement pilot Bud ekins, who did it in one go?

19. In the early days of Harley Davidson, the auto and bicycle trade magazine ran small ads offering bare Harley Davidson engines to industries that assembled motorcycles. By April 1905, the total production of motorcycles had been reduced to a minimum. Buy Harley Davidson motorcycle parts.
20. Before the movie Easy Rider, Peter Fonda flew in a helicopter for a week in Los Angeles, wearing a Captain America jacket, to give them a feeling of racing and getting used to this innovatively designed car. The American Flag on the back of his Jacket and The tank of his bike have made him stopped several times by the police.

In addition to motorcycle manufacturing, Kawasaki also manufactures personal watercraft, ships, electronic products, construction equipment, tractors, trains, helicopters, jet engines, missiles, and space rockets.
Sólo tres Estados de los Estados Unidos no requieren cascos para motorcyclists. Por el contrario, 17 Estados requieren cascos para jinetes específicos, y otros 30 Estados, más el distrito de Columbia, requieren cascos para cualquier jinete (conocido como la Ley general de cascos). Compra casco.
23. The highest number of motorcycle thefts occurred in August. The following months are September and July. The state with the highest number of motorcycle thefts is California.